Finding Furever..December

I met “Baby” at the Manatee County Animal Services shelter. I volunteer there several times per week and generally take the same 5 or 6 dogs out to play each time. We had an adoption event and most of the dogs I took care of got adopted so I found some more to play with and Baby was one of them. She walked so quietly on a lead and just tickled me with her oversized gremlin ears. Not only was she beautiful, but she was sweet as well. She seemed timid at first and quite confused as to why she was there, but over the course of several weeks, she started coming out of her shell and I started falling for her. After a month, I knew she had to come home with me and my two big male dogs.

I renamed her Katie. Her first meeting with Brody and JoeBear was easy as they sniffed and checked each other out. She was especially enamored with JoeBear, my blonde 6 year old Shepador (another rescue, half white Shepherd and half yellow lab). He really liked her too and they became fast friends. Brody (my tuxedo Catahoula Hound mix) is 8 years old and not prone to play so he sleeps with her but shies away from playtime. By that evening she had climbed up on the couch with her head in my lap and fell fast asleep, something she continues to do with regularity.

She now loves to play with JoeBear and easily knocks his 80 pound frame over even though she’s 30 pounds lighter than him. The three of them cuddle together on the sofa at night and they eat side by side with no problems. Katie sleeps in my bed with me cuddled up as close as she can to my chest. She rides in the back seat of the car with her brothers and enjoys it tremendously. Her true personality has come out and she is inquisitive, funny, playful and loving. I love it when she cocks her head to try to figure out something I am trying to teach her. She has also gotten somewhat protective and recently barked for five minutes at a 2 foot high stuffed Santa I put out as a decoration. She finally craned her nose close enough to sniff it and discover it wasn’t alive.

She is such a special addition to our little family and is queen of the house. She knows this is her home now and loves being part of a family with two doggy brothers to play with and sleep on. I love her just as much as my boys. She is in her forever home.