Pam's Scratching Post

Meowtown is the remote adoption center for Manatee County Animal Services. Located in downtown Bradenton, Florida, it is right in the center of all the town’s daily action, making it a perfect place for many people to see the charming felines in need of homes. The layout is open and airy, with group play areas in which the cats reside until they are adopted.

They can climb the walls, reaching cozy beds for a nap, or they can play on the carpeted cat trees when the notion strikes them. Frolicking with various donated toys is another favorite past time…especially for the kittens.

Reopened in early 2015 after being refurbished, MeowTown is becoming Manatee County’s premier cat adoption location. According to Manatee County Animal Services (MCAS) Chief, Sarah Brown, “For 2017, MCAS will be focusing most of the cat adoptions at our downtown location.   Additionally, orientation for interested cat volunteers will now be held at our downtown location.” Chief Brown went on to say that there were over 100 adoptions from the Meowtown location in 2016. But there are many cats who still need homes.

One of those cats is Bindi who is now available and would benefit greatly from a forever home. She is blind, but loves being petted after she gets to know you. Her naturally folded ears, make her look like a munchkin, but she is a delightful lady.

Special programs are often sponsored by Meowtown, including the 2015 “Kitten Shower.” Kitten season (usually early spring when litters of kittens are born and relinquished to the shelter) is a time of need for special products to ensure the babies flourish. Local response to this Meowtown Kitten Shower was spectacular.

It takes dozens of local volunteers to support Meowtown’s Manatee County staff and more volunteers are always needed. Each day consists of cleaning, socializing, feeding, along with many other duties. Soon there will be more specialized training for interested volunteers to ensure that the kitties’ quality of life is enhanced. According to Brown, in 2017, “Additional training opportunities will be available for our volunteers, such as behavioral seminars and clicker training for our cats.” This training will continue to give interested volunteers the basis for making each feline more adoptable.

Another very important role that volunteers can fill is that of fostering. Often, it is better for some cats to live away from the shelter for a while, be it for recovery from an injury or illness, or for kittens who need to be away from the daily hustle and bustle in order to thrive. Foster parents are needed to support the feline population.

And, good homes for each cat are always needed. The new year has gotten off to a good start and the staff and volunteers at Meowtown celebrated Ozzie the Cat’s departure when he was the first cat to be adopted from Meowtown.

Meowtown is located at 1002 Manatee Avenue West, Bradenton, Florida 34205. They can be contacted at 941-742-5824. And like them on