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Want to Try Fostering From Meowtown?

Fostering cats from Manatee County Animal Services (MCAS) is something that is desperately needed year round. Fostering consists of taking responsibility for a cat or kittens by giving them temporary shelter in your home and ensuring they are safe and well until time to be returned to the shelter. If a cat is frightened by the daily noise of the shelter they may not show well for adoption. If they are too small to be adopted or are in danger of becoming ill while in the shelter, getting them into a quiet, safe home could literally save their lives. In my case, when I heard that there was a young mother cat and six tiny kittens at the shelter that needed fostering, I knew I had a job for the next two months.

Fostering takes time out of your day, requiring you to interact with your new charges ensuring that their quality of life is enhanced while also protecting htem. As I prepared the space in my home for the seven new cats, I began to worry about their safety. Protection is required if you are introducing your foster pet to your full time pets. Enough time must be allowed for introductions and refereeing any disagreements. Protection for kittens consists of a more helicopter parent approach.

Being a good foster parent for kittens requires that you crawl around on your hands and knees, taking a kitten-eye view of the fostering environment before you place them into it. How many areas of the bedroom, bathroom, or entire house could endanger a kitten’s life? While doing a quick bathroom review, you should notice that an open toilet is a drowning hazard. Shower curtains can be climbed, but what happens when a kitten reaches the top? They jump and that can be up to a six-foot fall! The TV room is so cozy, that every kitten will want to join you, but what about the foot rest mechanism on a recliner? If the kitten is dozing in the foot well and you rock the chair downward, it could cause serious injury or death. Window blind cords can be a deadly tangle for a kitten, the more they struggle to get out of the cord, the closer they come to strangling themselves. I worried about all of these dangers and more.

Despite all of my worries, fostering Mama Bear and the six kittens was a total delight. I knew that I was socializing them so they would be more adoptable. If cats and kittens are afraid of humans, they are not likely to show well when presented for adoption. If fostered, they can be socialized carefully so they relate well to humans. It is just another way to ensure more adoptions occur from Meowtown, MCAS’s premier cat adoption location.  

Mama Bear oversaw my efforts as I played with the six babies each day. When they were old enough, we played the towel game, where I pulled a towel across the floor and all of them piled on and rode the towel as though it were a magic carpet. When I turned the corner, each of them would roll off, seeming to delight in the new game. Then, they would jump up and bound after the towel again, riding until the next turn. It was a delightful two months during which I had many laughs at their antics. Please consider fostering from Meowtown.

Meowtown is located at 1002 Manatee Avenue West, Bradenton, Florida 34205.

They can be contacted at 941-742-5824. And like them on