Kittens in Need


We may be very tiny,
We may be very small,
But when it comes to messes,
We can beat them all.

Our days are made of play,
At the shelter where we stay,
Whiling away each hour,
With not a single care.

We put our feet high,
And we put our feet low
Into the food dish,
They often go!

No matter how hard we try,
We simply sit and cry.
A gooey sticky mess are we,
And just wait until we pee.

Our loving shelter mothers
Simply can not keep us clean.
They wash and wash our towels each day,
With a sad old machine.

It doesn’t wash enough at all,
Because it’s very old,
And without our towels and blankets clean,
We could be very cold.

Sad to say,
The thing we need,
Is a brand new washer
To keep us clean.

Please vote for us everyone,
Give us help today we ask.
Our shelter needs you the most.
The old machine is giving up the ghost.