Friends of Manatee County Animal Services

are volunteers with a common goal


We work hand in hand with Manatee County Animal Services to enrich the lives of the shelter animals by raising funds to provide additional resources, medical care, and heartworm treatment. 


Programs & Sponsorship

Friends of Manatee County Animal Services (FoMCAS) is a newly-formed, all-volunteer fund raising charitable 501(c)(3) whose goal is to enrich the lives of the Manatee County shelter animals. FoMCAS has established several campaigns through which supporters can help: The Heal My Heart Campaign in which supporters can donate to fund heartworm treatment for the shelter dogs, support of our Grace and Friends Medical Fund, or choosing one of various levels of sponsorship for the Friends of Manatee County Animal Services organization.

Heal My Heart

“ Heal my Heart”  is a fundraising campaign promoted by Friends of Manatee County Animal Services.( FoMCAS)

Heartworm disease is a serious illness that is easily prevented. Up to  one-third of MCAS shelter dogs have heartworm disease and YOUR generous donation will help pay for treatment of these dogs.


grace and friends.png

Grace & Friends Medical Fund

Sometimes MCAS shelter animals need medical assistance for ailments and injuries. Some of these may be emergency situations, requiring immediate funding in order to alleviate pain and suffering, or they may be chronic issues. Funds donated to this program may be made available if these requirements fall within the medical support criteria. 


Donations & Sponsorship

Friends of Manatee County Animal Services is currently in search of sponsors to support FoMCAS with their mission. FoMCAS is offering gratis advertising on it’s  organizational website ( and social media pages. This allows media followers and FoMCAS’ growing village of animal lovers know that your business supports animal welfare.                                                                  

This non profit has endless hours of experience and will provide for the animals one step above the rest.
— Nancy C Bancs, Insurance Time of Bradenton
We are delighted to know that the Friends of MCAS has been formed as their, MCAS, fundraising and educational affiliate. We wish you the best in all of your endeavors to help the homeless pets in our community.
— Peg Haynes, Bradenton Farmers Market Manager
“Manatee County realizes that cooperation and collaboration is the key to success, Our community is coming together like never before... a new nonprofit called Friends of Animal Services has recently formed to become the fund-raising arm of Animal Services.
— Debra Starr, Animal Network
There is a new group of caring volunteers who have dedicated themselves to helping the lost, abandoned or neglected animals of Manatee County. Kudos to them, I’m sure they are doing a great service.
— Beverly Humes