Grace & Friends Medical Fund

FoMCAS’s primary mission is the financing of medical treatments for dogs and cats with serious, yet treatable health issues that may prevent them from being adopted.  

Emergency Assistance

Animals at MCAS in need of emergency medical procedures that require immediate help.  



Grace came into the shelter on July 9th, transferred from an ER. Grace was most likely hit by a car. No one showed up to claim her. She is young, probably under a year old. Grace had very little mobility and could not stand on her own. The initial recommendation from the ER vet was euthanization. With the help of volunteers, the shelter staff has worked with her, giving her soothing lavender baths, light range of motion and some stretching. There have been signs of improvement. We committed to giving her a chance. She has been seen by Dr. Rose (surgeon) and by the neurologist, Dr. Levine. The high end for MRI and potential surgery is estimated at $6,100.00 but could be more depending on what is needed. In addition, she will need FHO surgery in the future.  This may be a long journey for Grace.  With your donation, we can all be a part of Saving Grace.  Thank you.

Unused funds collected for Grace will go to help additional MCAS animals in need of extensive medical treatment.



Nico is a big mushball who needs FHO surgery. Surgery has been postponed for Nico until he recovers from heartworm treatment. He has a foster home for his recovery and when he is cleared after recovery he will be available for adoption through Manatee County Animal Services.
He is handsome and extremely easy going. He would love to be your partner for walks (after the recovery) and long talks. He is a good listener and has a lot of good advice for you, especially if it involves treats. The perfect home would be without small children and other dogs. He’s had a rough life and would like a quiet home to live out his senior years.

Unused funds collected for Nico will go to help additional MCAS animals in need of extensive medical treatment.


Illa (Patches)

Illa, now known as Patches, is going in for surgery next week for a large mammary mass removal.  We are blessed that this little girl already has a new dad (foster to adopt) who is a disabled United States Army Veteran.  He loves this little girl so much and she helps him in many ways.  We are proud to be able to get her healthy so she and her dad have many more years together!

Unused funds collected for Illa (Patches) will go to help additional MCAS animals in need of extensive medical treatment.