Medical Assistance Program

FoMCAS’s primary mission is the financing of medical treatments for dogs and cats with serious, yet treatable health issues that may prevent them from being adopted.  

The following are the three ways that the FoMCAS Medical Assistance Program assists pets in need:

  Sandra recuperating from FHO surgery funded by Friends of Manatee County Animal Services

Sandra recuperating from FHO surgery funded by Friends of Manatee County Animal Services

Emergency Assistance

1.  Animals at MCAS in need of emergency medical procedures that require immediate help.  

Adopted with Known Medical Condition

Support of pets at MCAS with a known medical condition and an adoption commitment.

Our Guidelines for Assisting Pets who have left MCAS:

  1. The pet must have been adopted or rescued by one of the shelter’s approved rescue partners from Manatee County Animal Services.
  2. The medical condition must be known at the time of adoption.
  3. Medical condition must be treatable.  FoMCAS will not assist with chronic or terminal conditions.  FoMCAS will assist with the payment for biopsies or other diagnostics to determine condition if the "owner" is aware of the above caveat. 
  4. FoMCAS will not assist with normal, routine medical issues. (i.e. yearly exams, shots, dentals, etc). 
  5. FoMCAS must be contacted within one week of the animal leaving MCAS.
  6. Our assistance is provided based on bona fide financial need of the pet owner and on discounted rescue/non profit rates. Because funds are limited, FOMCAS reserves the right to take into consideration the adopter's financial circumstances when deciding the extent to which assistance can be provided.  

Email:      Phone: (410) 790-9517

To offset the cost of the procedures, we ask for donations in return.  

Heal My Heart

Dogs that are Heartworm Positive are provided Heartworm treatment while in foster or after they have been adopted through the FoMCAS Heal My Heart Campaign.

For Information on our Heal My Heart Campaign and how the process works please see the Heal My Heart Campaign Guidelines. Documents can be found at Manatee County Animal Services or online at Heal My Heart